Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Quiet Christmas

Well it was a pretty quiet Christmas around here. We all went to Austin on the 20th and came home on the 23rd. Mom and dad went too. It was nothing like the Griswald's Christmas Vacation. No loose squirrels, obnoxious lights, or cousin Eddie. Mom did get a new puppy for Christmas though - that was lots of fun!

I guess the kids were good this year as Santa brought them their number 1 wishes on their lists. C-man wanted a shiatsu message chair - yes, you read that right (not sure if I spelled it right!) - and M wanted a teddy bear hamster. Santa did mess up on the hamster and got 2 dwarf Chinese hamsters which were a bit of a disappointment so I had to return them and get 2 teddy bear hamsters the day after Christmas. Who knew there was such a difference in hamsters? I kind of had the thought that a rat is a rat is a rat. Not so. I have to admit these are fun little pets. The kids put them in there exercise balls and they have races down the hall. Very cute . . . kind of like Rhino in the movie Bolt.

The other big and exciting gift was Rock Band. Yes, we have moved up from Guitar Hero that only one of us could play at a time to a full band of guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. It is a full family affair - and quite a sight!

It's funny, since going back to work full-time, Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks have felt more like a vacation than they have in years. Lots of sleep, lounging, and shopping - things I usually have no time for.

Hope you too had a peaceful Christmas!