Saturday, October 4, 2008

Flying by the seat of my pants!

So, I have obviously been a little busy, but that has definitely broken my computer addiction. I just don't have time to get on at all! I am loving the new job. Hating the new wake up time. My typical weekday starts between 5 or 5:30 in the morning and literally doesn't even start to slow down until 9:30 or 10:00 at night. And I am just crazy enough to try and keep my little part-time retail gig going for right now which means weekends are generally pretty packed with soccer, church, and work too! I don't know how long I can burn the candle at both ends, but it seems to have helped with the whole anxiety issue. Odd, I know.

I am not the only one who has been up to a lot lately. M's girl scouts is in full swing, we are taking a break from horseback riding right now, but we have filled that spot with choir and a slightly heavier homework load. I was informed by a boy in her class just the other day that she is the 2nd smartest kid in the 4th grade. I didn't ask who was 1st, I just thought it strange that he would say she is specifically the 2nd. But it still made me pretty proud . . . especially since just moments before she asked me what does f*** mean. Yes, the "mother" of all bad words. I was shocked to hear the word come out of my sweet baby's mouth. I asked her where she heard it and she said she hadn't, but that it was scratched into the side of the slide. I told her that it was just an ugly word that only really dumb people use and that we do not ever say it. She was mad that someone defaced her school's playground equipment with it so she took a rock and scratched it out. So, I have the 2nd smartest child in 4th grade who thankfully does not know what f*** means . . . I think I am doing something right!

C-man scored two awesome goals in his soccer game this morning. That was quite exciting. He is very quiet and reserved out in public so to see him score, then hoot and holler and wave his hands in the air while running up to chest-bump his buddy is pretty bold - a big confidence builder! I was concerned with him starting 2nd grade - when they get REAL grades - that he would not be as academically conscientious as his sister but after 6 weeks of school, he has proven otherwise. I know you shouldn't compare your kids with each other, but it is hard to stop them from doing it. It seems the older they get the more aware they are of their own strengths and weaknesses.

Larry and I just celebrated our 13th anniversary this past Tuesday. We woke that morning to up to a couple of kids who crawled into our bed sometime that night - which gets a little crowded when they are 9 and 7 - a great reminder of the great family we have created over the years. Later we dined on a romantic dinner of cheez-its and capri sun at C-man's soccer game. The weather was beautiful and our team won, so it was a pretty good night.

Well, it may be another month before I update again so as C-man would say . . . peace out!


MommaJen said...

glad you posted girl! And glad to hear the anxiety has lessened---although I'm not sure how with your schedule!! Sounds like your kiddos are doing great! Congrats on the anniversary!