Friday, March 26, 2010

The Circle of Life

It was a sad week at the Baum Farm. We lost a family member of the four legged variety. Choowey, Cameron's teddy bear hamster, died. It was the first time we have ever had to address death with the kids. It just broke my heart to see my boy holding his lifeless friend cupped in his hands, perfectly still, as the realization set in the he was gone. The face of my son who is generally happy, turned to one of total dispair and a sob that I have never heard came pouring forth. After lots of hugs and incomprehendable mutterings from him, we found just the right box for Choowey and placed him inside. The next morning Cameron told me he had thought of just the right place to bury him. He wanted to put him next to the rosebush outside the kitchen window. He said he would be protected from the dogs or anything else getting him because of the thorns. While he was at school, Daddy dug the hole right where Cameron wanted it. When we all got home from school, we gathered around the hole, place the box inside, and all said something nice about Choowey. We filled his grave and then Cameron and Daddy had to head off to soccer. After they returned from soccer, Cameron assured me that he is still only 8 (about to be 9) and that he would recover from this tragedy when he asked immediately if I would take him to the pet store to get another hamster. We went. Now we have CJ. That is short for Choowey Jr. Ah, the circle of life.