Friday, June 20, 2008

24 hours panic free!!!

Praise God! I think this wave of panic attacks may be nearing it's end. It has been at least 24 hours since the last one - which woke me at 3:00 in the morining night before last and kept me up for about 3 hours! If this "demanding more" can truly work, I think I need more practice, but not right now. I am too relieved that this bout may be over!

Though I guess I am going to test my nerves a little later today as my mother and I are taking the kiddos to the cheap theater (can't call it the dollar theater anymore since it cost more than a buck) to see Nim's Island. What could possibly be unnerving about a kid friendly movie in the middle of the afternoon you ask? Well, twice in the past 15 years, I have encountered pervy men in this very theater. The last time was last summer when I took the kids to see Shrek the Third. I vowed I would never go there again. But, alas I am going as my mother and the kids both really want to see this movie. I will just be very aware of who sits next to us - hopefully just another mom with her kids not a man in his 40's by himself in a kids movie at 12:30 on a Friday afternoon. However, if a person fitting this description does come sit next to us, I'll just take that as a red flag and move right away!

Wow, my post makes my life seem rather gloomy right now but really it isn't. We just returned last Thursday from a week in Galveston. We stayed bayside in a house right on the canal. We all had a blast fishing, going to Moody Gardens, and Rainforest Cafe but I think the most exciting thing for the kids was diving into the waves in the ocean and seeing two real live sharks right there on the beach! It didn't even stop them from getting back in the water! Some guys were fishing for speckled trout and when they would hook a shark - just small black tip sharks - they would have to walk all the way back to shore to unhook it with a pair of pliers. They might be small, but their teeth are still sharp and you can't really reach your hand in their mouths. The fisherman was going to leave it on shore to die, but PaPa (my father-in-law) came to the rescue and took the shark by the tail and released him back in the water. Two seconds later the kids were back in diving in the waves again! Above are pictures of me and C (yes, he gave me rabbit ears!), M and C with daddy hunting for shells, the view from the deck, and PaPa with M, C, and one of the sharks! Sunday me and the kids are off to Austin to visit Aunt Kimmie, Uncle Mike, and their 3 kids . . .


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