Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Let me just say I have been unbelievably busy.

Tomorrow starts the school year - not only for the kids but for me too! Yes, I am a full time working woman again.

I am teaching the "at risk" kiddos at an awesome elementary school in Allen. Not a classroom full of them. Just one on one or in small groups. No lesson plans, no discipline issues, no parents, no ARDs, none of the stuff that had kept me home a year longer than I should have been. I think this is an answer to many many prayers. I am still learning the ropes but am soooo excited. I am ready for this. I think I have been ready for this. I have needed this.

I had so many hesitations about going back to work full time after being home for 10 years. I mean how do I get everything done and meet everyone's needs and work a 40 hour week? But this was meant to be. My fears and hesitations had kept me from fulling pursuing a full-time position as seriously as I needed to. But this was meant to be. Thursday week before last, the principal got my name from a friend and asked if I could come in to talk to her and the person who is head of this particular department on Friday. I did and left there feeling like things went pretty well. Then I got the phone call on Sunday offering the job and could I be there for inservice on Monday.

How's that for fly by the seat of your pants?

This has actually worked out for the best. If I had too much time to think about it all I would psych myself out of it and be a nervous wreck. Which, by the way, is what I think is the source of all my health problems and panic attacks. My nerves are just shot. Odd to think that adding something else to my "to do" list would be what I actually needed.

I'll let you know how I survive the first day of school.


circus of love said...

Can't wait to hear how well it goes!!!

MommaJen said...

glad to see you online again! details, details!