Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I stick at this!

Hi Y'all!

I have been really bad about keeping this blog up . . . sorry!

When I was scrapbooking, I started not only taking pictures with a page plan in mind but planning events just to get the photos! Sad, I know.

Well, the first week of school went great for everyone - kiddos and mom. M is having some adjustments to her teachers but she got one of her good friends in her class, so that made not getting the teachers she wanted a little easier.

The hardest part so far has getting up at a rather painful 5:30 in the morning. But everybody has made efforts to make the new morning routine run smoothly - what troopers!!

Keeping the early waking hour in mind, I am going to bed (it is 10:00 and 5:30 comes along really quickly) and watch the rest of the Republican National Convention. I know, it is an exciting life, but sombody's got to live it!


MommaJen said...


I'm glad that school is going well --- I've been dying to hear about it!

circus of love said...

Glad it went well. Don't you love typos. I messed up the title of my blog the other day too. Who has time to spell check?