Friday, July 11, 2008

getting caught up...

Hi y'all!

I didn't disappear, I've just had my hands full. You know, just enough time to read other blogs, not enough time to type my own.

We had a great 4th of July weekend - even if the FC Dallas game ended in a tie. The fireworks show after was like a 30 minute grand finale. I don't know if it is possible to overdo a fireworks display, but they certainly tried. I don't mind, I just feel bad for all the future disappointment my kids will feel from here on out. It was crazy big to say the least. My man's birthday was good, kinda low key after the show on the 4th. The kids had a great time popping fireworks with their PaPa (father-in-law) who is really just an overgrown kid too. Not to mention seeing mommajen after so many years on Sunday, what a blessing! (Jennie, we can't wait that long ever again, deal? And Kathryn, if getting to Texas doesn't work for you, I promise I will get my family down there before too much longer!!!)

I have spent this week slimming down. Unfortunately, not myself but my stuff. Mom came over and helped host a "Clean House" episode on my garage and extra bedroom (you know, the room that catches all the useless junk that for some reason you throw in there instead of the garbage). There was no camera crew or professionals to help - unless you count the old guy at the dump that helped me unload my truck of all the superfulous stuff. It was like detoxing my house and my soul all at the same time. It feels so good to be rid of all the junk.

It must have been taxing on M though, she is sick with a fever, headache, drainage - the works. This really stinks and is only supposed to happen during the school least I thought. Now if I can just keep the rest of us from getting it. It's late and I'm affraid this is rambling on now so, ... goodnight


circus of love said...

My mom currently has 2 extra bedrooms so you could even have a place to stay for free if you wanted!!! She is changing Matt's old room into a sewing room.

MommaJen said...

love those cleaning/purging results!!! one of my favorite things to do - kinda' pitiful, huh?

circus of love said...

Look at you and all your bloggity friends over there in the side bar! :)