Thursday, July 17, 2008

We are a pop culture family

Probably much to the dismay and horror of some of my friends, we are a Guitar Hero family. Yes, my children can recite the lyrics to Rolling Stone and Foghat. And they are quite proud of their accomplishments. Today, C was playing (because it is too stinkin' hot to go outside) and was thrilled when he bumped M out of second place on "Juicebox Hero", actually it is Foreigner's old song "Jukebox Hero" but C is convinced it is juicebox. He has been singing it all day, now I keep hearing the song over and over in my own head and he has me singing it as juicebox hero too.

Speaking of singing, I don't think I mentioned that my sis-in-law is in San Fran right now auditioning for . . . American Idol. No, I'm not kidding. Yes, she can sing. She finished med school, works in an emergency room, is performing in The Sound of Music in August (I think it is August.) now she is trying out for American Idol.

What can I say, we are a pop culture family . . .


circus of love said...

Too Fun!! My hubbie has the gift of knowing every word to every pop song ever written. I, on the other hand. can't remember the words to the worship songs we sing EVERY sunday. I didn't know the words to pop songs when I was a teenager because mom didn't allow me to listen to secular I am a lost cause. Hopefully my kids will have some sort of balance between us.

MommaJen said...

how fun - I love when you sing songs with the wrong words - more fun that way!!