Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Does it get much better than this?

I've spent the last two days in the kitchen with three other girlfriends being ultra-domestic and cooking enough food to feed all of our families for about the next three weeks (yea! I'll have an answer for the constant question, "Mom, what's for dinner?") while our kids - 8 total between the four of us - played very harmoniously. It was great. I got some girl time in and accomplished something.

We had to leave a little early today because C had an orthodontist appointment (that is a whole other story) but I forgot something and walked back in to hear my friends talking trash about me! Ok, why would I have friends that talk trash about me you ask? Well, it's not so bad because they were jealous that I only had to tell my kids once to get their shoes because it was time to go. There was no complaining or selective hearing. They just said bye to their friends, got their shoes and met me at the door. No, my kids are not perfect by a long shot, but they were looking pretty shining just then.

If that wasn't good enough, they were both on their best behavior at the dr's office. They both shook the assistant and the dr's hands. They answered politely when they were asked a question. And didn't interupt when I was talking to the dr! In all, a very successful trip - including what the dr had to offer as treatment!

A near perfect day is not allowed to go without at least one hitch. M and C did argue . . . over who got to help me cook dinner and do the dishes. Did you get that? They actually wanted to help me. There was no treat or bribe, no reward or privlege granted for helping, they just wanted to help. They finally worked it out and decided that tonight could be M's night and tomorrow will be C's night.

So my question is, "Does it get much better than this . . . and how long will it last?"


MommaJen said...

wow! I'm impressed!! LOVE days like that!

circus of love said...

ENJOY it. It was so funny when I just read that your girlfriends were talking trash, I started to get a little defensive for you. Ha,ha!!! I got your back! LOL

Lately my 2 oldest argue and argue and argue...I am starting take more and more choices away. We have to work on them working it out. So I understand your bliss.