Monday, February 15, 2010

I know the due date!!!

If you read my last post then you know that I am expecting . . . baby chicks. I just got the conformation email about when my new brood will be arriving. They will hatch on either March 8th or 9th and I should have them by the 10th or 11th!!! That is almost a whole month earlier than expected. I just hope I am ready by then. In case you are wondering how I will get the chicks . . . they will travel via the US Postal Service. Scary, huh? They are shipped when they are just a day old so that they have the nutrient of their yolk sack and have to be sent in groups no smaller than 5 so that they have each other for warmth (along with something they ship with them to help keep them warm) . . . crazy!

There is still lots of work to do: setting up the brooder and finishing the coop. Meg and Cam are so excited. We get to cash in the change we have collected in our "chicken jar" so we can finish getting supplies. I hope we actually have some decent weather coming so we can work outside. We need to get the garden started and the coop ready, but with the foot of snow we got last Thursday that has all melted, the yard is a muddy, messy swamp. I'm sure all will work out, the baby chicks will have to spend their first 5 to 6 weeks in the brooder anyway! Just had to share the news!!


MommaJen said...

you had me going there for a bit!

QuiteContrary said...

bite your tongue!!!

circus of love said... too...I thought you were expecting. But baby chicks are pretty exciting too. Aw didn't know you wanted to be a country girl. Me too!! But you are much more dedicated than I am. Love it!