Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm sorry, do I know you?

As middle age creeps closer and closer, I find myself looking in in mirror and barely recognizing the reflection looking back. The morphing middle aged woman's body that stares back doesn't fit with the 20 something image my head is still clinging desperately to.

It all started with the kids. Boy, I sure do love them and the mark they have made on my heart but the marks they left on my belly. . . um, not so much. I addapted to the "decorated" belly, and accepted the fact that I would never in my life wear a two piece swimsuit again.

Now, y'all probably don't know this, but I love rabbits. Been collecting them for years. But the gray hairs on my head don't have the same appeal as the cute hares hiding all around my house. But for lack of my willingness to deal with the upkeep of coloring my hair, I am learning to embrace the changing appearance of life's seasons on my head.

Fast forward a decade from when the changes first started to take hold and Larry is hit by a lay off. By my calculations, which should be accurate as I am a math teacher afterall, I have found 1.33 pounds of "comfort" for every week Larry spent out of work. This, I am not so accepting of. Especially since he is working again and I certainly haven't lost a pound for every week that he has been employed! It is time to take action. It is time to start moving.

Now, I don't have hopes of becoming the next spokesperson for nutrisystem, jenny craig, or weight watchers and shopping to replace a wardrobe at a size that I have no desire to stay at is out of the question so . . . the more affordable alternative would simply be to eat better, and get off of my fanny.

This is all part of my decision to finally bring the country to the burbs. I can teach the kids (both my offspring and students at school) all kinds of things from raising the chicks, planning, planting, tending the garden, and composting (there is math and science and writing opportunities hiding all over the place in those tasks). And . . . I have to get up and move . . . A LOT. And the end result will be healthier food for my family, a healthier mom physically, smarter young 'uns, and the dream of being a country girl achieved (even if it looks a little different than I always imagined it would). Not bad. I think it could be fun getting to know the stranger staring back at me . . . she sounds kinda cool!