Wednesday, July 16, 2008

miracles and humility

Well M is finally well - I really didn't think illness struck in the middle of the summer. It is just not right. She actually thought it a miracle that her fever broke night before last and this morning she could breathe sufficiently through her nose. That is how she woke me up this morning. Standing at my bedside inhaling and exhaling repeatedly and rather loudly through her nose. She proclaimed herself officially well. This apparently was a miracle to her because we made plans to go to Hawaiian Falls water park today with some friends and after M had been running fever for a solid week and was congested beyond belief, we really thought we might have to cancel. Honestly the modest side of me that really prefers not to be in public in a swimsuit didn't mind the idea of possibly canceling. But miracles can happen - not that this really qualifies, though it was a good lesson about God's perfect timing. So I dismissed my fears and inhibitions about cellulite exposure threw caution to the wind and me and the kids had a blast. I am quite sure I was able to provide at least a little comic relief for some innocent bystander who witnessed me trying to get my butt - with my swimsuit wedged deeply between the cheeks - out of a two person inner tube after screaming my way down the water slide! I know it wasn't pretty, but everyone needs a dose of humility every now and again, right?


MommaJen said...

glad she's better and glad you decided to go - you are making wonderful memories for your children!!! who cares about the cellulite!!! :)